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About Spirited

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Our autumn exhibition Spirited was a positive, youth-focused celebration of gender equality, as well as a provocation to people young and old to think about the effects of social activism, and to embrace the opportunities that exist to make change. 

Spirited featured items from the collections of the BBC archives, the BFI, Bishopsgate Institute, British Library, Museum of London, National Portrait Gallery and the Women’s Library at LSE, which together offered an exciting new perspective on the suffrage story in a positive, youth-focused celebration of gender equality.

Some of the young women featured, who fought with such courage for the right to vote, did not qualify to do so when the Representation of the People Act was finally passed in 1918. 

From the Women’s Library collection at LSE

Either they were too young – the Act had an age qualification of 30 for women – or else they didn’t meet the property ownership qualification.

One, cruelly, died the year after the Act was passed – but three years before she would have been old enough to cast a vote. 

Their stories, and the stories of all the brave and bold women and men who demanded their right to be counted, were told in our exhibition as a provocation to today’s young activists to embrace the opportunities on offer, and to be the change they want to see.

Ways to make change

We want you to be inspired by our Spirited women into making change, just as they did 100 years ago.

So we've come up with a range of ways for you to take your first steps into social action, so you can be the change you want to see. 

Click on any of the images to find out more about these opportunities to campaign, volunteer, get active or get involved. 

Join Young Manchester
Do a WOW festival
Join our YAP
Campaign with Fawcett
Be a YWT champion
Fit to help
Help in crisis
Say #iwill
Join the AA