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Digital Storytelling: The Jo Cox Foundation

Digital Storytelling

In 2019, Spirit of 2012 partnered with the Jo Cox Foundation and The Great Get Together to develop a framework for storytelling for local organisers to tell their own unique stories, helping to strengthen bonds and create more connected communities.

At the heart of the Great Get Together is a nationwide group of dedicated organisers - the More in Common Community - who share Jo Cox's values of respect, tolerance and compassion. These organisers work year-round to create more cohesive and compassionate communities through outreach and bringing people together, as well as organising annual Great Get Together events. 

The Digital Storytelling project produced engaging video profiles of 5 community organisers, re-telling how they became involved in the Great Get Together, what they've learnt so far from their experiences, and what they want to do next. The locations, motivations and experiences of these organisers are varied, but dedication to bringing communities together runs throughout the profiles. 

The videos personalise the Great Get Together, and showcase the importance of individuals within their communities and larger movements.The Digital Storytelling project is also developing a storybanking framework that will empower more organisers to gather and share compelling stories from within their communities. 


It’s brilliant to have Spirit’s support, especially as it helps us to tell the compelling story of the Great Get Together and its immense power to bridge divides, harness optimism and inspire action in communities all over the country. We’d like to thank Spirit of 2012 for their support and their belief in us, and we really look forward to working with them.

Catherine Anderson - CEO of the Jo Cox Foundation


Project Spend

6 Months

Project Duration

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