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Equality and Diversity Policy

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Equality and Diversity Policy

Spirit is an equal opportunity employer and is fully committed to fair and equal treatment of all employees, job applicants, customers, suppliers and visitors. We believe that everyone should have equal rights and we recognise and respect diversity.   

This policy relates to all aspects of employment, including individual standards of behaviour, the advertisement of jobs, recruitment and selection, training and development, appraisal Spirit aims to create a friendly and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued, and where their skills and competencies are fully recognised and used. 

Policy Guidelines

Spirit will take all reasonable steps to:

  • Recruit, train and promote on the basis of experience, abilities and qualifications irrespective of gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief, age, transgender status, pregnancy and maternity, marriage or civil partnership (this list is not exhaustive).
  • Provide a work environment where all staff are treated with friendliness, respect and dignity, free from harassment based upon any of the above

Spirit will also promote equality, diversity and dignity in our grant making processes and dealings with stakeholders and grantees, as outlined in our grant-making policy. Spirit will not tolerate any form of harassment, whether by staff or by external partners who do business with us.  

All of us have a part to play in helping Spirit to ensure equal opportunities and diversity and to prevent discrimination, harassment and bullying. 

In line with Spirit’s Disciplinary Policy and Procedure we will take action against anyone found to have committed an act of improper or unlawful discrimination, harassment, bullying or intimidation. Serious breaches will be treated as gross misconduct and could lead to immediate dismissal.

Recruitment, Advertising and Selection

Spirit designs each recruitment process to select the most suitable people for our jobs, based on relevant experience, competencies, skills and qualifications. Our commitment to equality and diversity applies at all stages of recruitment.  The Recruitment Policy gives details.

Training and Promotion

Spirit will offer access to training on equal opportunities, diversity, discrimination, harassment and bullying.  All staff are expected to champion equal opportunity. We will advertise promotion opportunities internally and/or externally.

Equal Pay

Spirit pays staff according to a grading system which has been agreed by Board and is transparent to all. Pay grades and the allocation of staff roles to grades will be reviewed annually by the Recruitment & Remuneration Committee.

Monitoring Equal Opportunity and Dignity at Work

Spirit will monitor selection decisions, personnel and pay practices and procedures, to assess whether equal opportunity and dignity at work are integral to our culture as they should be. We will look for any indirectly discriminatory effects of the way we operate and make changes if there are shortcomings. We recognise the need to make reasonable adjustments to working practices to overcome barriers for disabled people.