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Everybody Dance

Dance Syndrome at Spirit Summit

Everybody Dance

Everybody Dance

This project has now closed.

Formed by dancer Jen Blackwell, who has Down’s Syndrome, DanceSyndrome offers an inclusive dance programme which brings disabled and non-disabled people together to dance. It provides creative and fun learning opportunities for anyone who wants to improve their physical health and personal wellbeing through inclusive dance leadership, participation and performance.

We have recently awarded funding to enable their continued provision of inclusive dance workshops and leadership training. 

To date, more than 2,400 people have seen DanceSyndrome perform, and they were recently winners of Red Rose’s Not-For-Profit Award.

Dance is a powerful tool for building confidence, life skills and happiness. We also want to show that everyone can be involved in all activities in our society – regardless of whether they have a disability or not

Dawn Vickers, DanceSyndrome Managing Director
Dance Syndrome


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