Carers’ Music Fund

Bang the Drum

Bang the Drum was part of the Carers’ Music Fund, giving female carers across the UK opportunities for creative expression through music-making.

The project in numbers


Project spend

2 Years

Project duration

Bang the Drum was led by the Blackpool Carers’ Centre and harnessed the creativity, power and impact of music to bring a new dimension to the respite offer for female carers of all ages.

Blackpool Carers were delighted to be able to work in partnership with the prestigious Grand Theatre in Blackpool, as well as music specialists and therapists.

Through these partnerships, the project delivered music related activities which culminated in unique performances by carers of all ages.

Project aims

  1. Give female carers the opportunity for creative expression through music-making.
  2. Examine the effect of participatory music projects on the wellbeing of carers.
  3. Increase wellbeing and reduce loneliness for female carers.

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