Carers’ Music Fund

Project Alaw

Project Alaw was part of the Carers’ Music Fund, giving female carers across the UK opportunities for creative expression through music-making

The project in numbers


Project spend

2 years

Project duration

Project Alaw reduced the social, educational and emotional negative impacts that girls and young women in caring roles can experience when caring for parents, siblings, and children.

Through music and a series of workshop programmes, girls and young women in caring roles in Merthyr Tydfil engaged with other people who may be facing similar difficulties. During the sessions, the girls and young women learned new skills through varied music activities and improve their self-esteem and social confidence.

Project Alaw ran four cohorts, using the learning from each to develop the next, and tailoring their approach to the needs of the girls and women taking part.

Project aims

  1. Give female carers the opportunity for creative expression through music-making.
  2. Examine the effect of participatory music projects on the wellbeing of carers.
  3. Increase wellbeing and reduce loneliness for female carers.

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