Carers’ Music Fund

Sound Creators

Sound Creators was part of the Carers’ Music Fund, giving female carers across the UK opportunities for creative expression through music-making

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2 years

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Sound Creators was led by UK Youth with a music curriculum created by My Pockets, and offered young female carers opportunities for fun, creative expression and (re)discovery of self through music making.

The project worked with youth clubs and centres, delivering diverse types of music-making sessions, including DJ-ing and coral singing.

Sound Creators addressed the worryingly low levels of wellbeing, and high levels of social isolation and loneliness for young female carers in the UK. The project supports them to express themselves through the creation of music.

Project aims

  1. Give female carers the opportunity for creative expression through music-making.
  2. Examine the effect of participatory music projects on the wellbeing of carers.
  3. Increase wellbeing and reduce loneliness for female carers.

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