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Great Get Together: Spirit Grants

Great Get Together: Spirit Grants

In June 2019, Spirit funded 30 projects to hold Great Get Togethers across the UK to bring communities together to eat, drink, talk and connect. The Great Get Together is a nationwide movement of community action and has seen millions of people take part in thousands of events since it began in 2017.

The funded projects were supported by Spirit and the Jo Cox Foundation through resource packs, marketing materials to promote the events, and tips for hosting events via the Great Get Together website.

A huge range of Great Get Togethers took place, including Tai Chi and Tea in Northern Ireland, a Big Fit Walk in Perth, an accessible biking event in Kent, and five separate T20 events with Breaking Boundaries, a project that uses cricket to bring people together.

The T20 Great Get Togethers hosted thousands of cricket fans for a mix of a mix of food, drink, face-painting, dance and, of course, cricket, bringing together people of all ages and ethnicities in a day of celebration.

The Spirit-funded Great Get Togethers enabled the projects to reach more people, increase awareness of their activities, and crucially, encouraged people to talk and connect through positive events.

We had more events than last year, more engaged organisers, lots of data gathered, and some incredible stories. The message we received was loud and clear: communities love the Great Get Together, and they are already waiting for June 2020 dates!

Catherine Anderson - CEO of the Jo Cox Foundation.


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