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NAVCA Social Prescribing Quality Framework

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NAVCA Social Prescribing Quality Framework

The National Association of Voluntary and Community Action (NAVCA), the National Academy of Social Prescribing (NASP) and Spirit of 2012 are working together on a project to make social prescribing easier and more effective.

Through its membership of local voluntary and community infrastructure organisations, and existing partnerships, NAVCA will scope current activities and draw on the expertise, insights and experiences of a range of providers, social prescribers and health organisations.

Spirit of 2012 has awarded NAVCA a grant of £35,000 to fund a Health and Wellbeing Manager who will explore and seek to understand the current social prescribing landscape and develop a suite of quality assurance measures, guidelines, service directories and learning materials for social prescribing.

Once complete, the quality framework will support NHS link workers with referrals, helping them to choose the most appropriate schemes for their patients.

Our members are directly involved in social prescribing as coordinators of the local schemes and providers of capacity building and community development functions that are essential to create and sustain the thriving and vibrant communities that social prescribing is dependent on.

This is a fantastic development in the evolution of social prescribing, and I’m delighted to be working alongside two main players who understand the value and impact of participation and social connection on people’s wellbeing.

Maddy Desforges, CEO, National Association of Voluntary and Community Action


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