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Open Ceremonies

Open Ceremonies

This project has now closed

The Volunteer Support Pot enabled volunteers complete their roles as Clyde-siders or Ceremonies volunteers at the XX Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in summer 2014 to address hardship on the basis of need.

More than 18,000 volunteers, including 12,467 Clyde-siders, helped to contribute to the success of the ‘best Games ever’. Although presented as a single fund, VSP was in reality made up of three separate funds supporting different groups of Games volunteers. The initial fund (VSP1) providing £425,000 from Big Lottery Scotland was directed to supporting Clyde-siders from Scotland. This was later supplemented with £100,000 to support Clyde-siders from the rest of the UK (VSP2, also from Big Lottery Fund) and by a fund to support Ceremonies volunteers (VSP3) from the Spirit of 2012 Trust. Each sought to help address hardship on the basis of need, using largely the same criteria.

We want to do everything we can to support inactive people within our communities to become active because we know it brings benefits beyond being physically healthier – it supports emotional and mental wellbeing too. We are delighted that Spirit 2012 will have oversight of the Sporting Equality Fund which will be open for applications later on this year and encourage more women and girls to engage in being active.

Aileen Campbell, Former Scottish Minister for Public Health and Sport