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Our legacy from the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games

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Our legacy from the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games

Alex Johnston, Grant & Learning Manager, Spirit of 2012

Spirit of 2012 is a legacy partner of the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games and was awarded £1 million by the Scottish Government to get the least active people in Scotland more active and generate learning for the benefit of the rest of Scotland.

Taken from the learning of the Legacy 14 projects, Spirit's Alex Johnston has put together ten Top Tips on how to get people in your own community engaged in physical activity. 

  1. Take a person-centred approach which is flexible and responsive to the needs of the inactive people in your community and their circumstances
  2. Get a real understanding of the people and community where you provide services
  3. Change your recruitment practices if necessary - bring in staff, such as family support workers, who are empathetic and understand the people in your community and their needs
  4. Provide a warm welcome and personal touch when people come to your facilities
  5. Provide social (and fun!) activities that bring people together
  6. Factor in time for people to connect socially and get to know each other
  7. Introduce people to activities gradually and to help them stay active by continually encouraging them
  8. Provide drinks and refreshments as an engagement tool
  9. Adopt a positive attitude. A ‘can-do’ attitude overcomes barriers and sets an example to others
  10. Spending time with people like you - having a chat and a cup of tea – and forging new friendships is as important to most participants as getting more active.