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Inquiry 2022

Can events help build happy, thriving and more connected communities?

A Spirit of 2012 Inquiry into the Power of Events

In November 2021, looking forward to the tenth anniversary of the London 2012 Games and a busy year for national events and celebrations, we launched an independent inquiry into the power of events. The Inquiry, which will sit throughout 2022, concluding in the late autumn will gather evidence, develop workable ideas and recommendations and inform an influence policymakers and event organisers.


Why do we need an Inquiry?

While cultural, sporting and community events have left lasting social legacies, this has not always been achieved.  If events are to have positive impacts, it requires learning from past experiences and planning and investment from the start.

Open Call for Evidence

We are asking individuals and organisations to tell us how events can help build happy, thriving and more connected communities.

Inquiry Members

The Inquiry is chaired by Sir Thomas Hughes-Hallett and draws on the expertise of 25 members, with Spirit of 2012 acting as secretariat. Members of the inquiry come from all parts of the UK and bring a wide range of expertise.