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Rhythm and Respect

Rhythm and Respect

Rhythm and Respect

This project has now closed

The youth panel awarded almost £50,000 for the Devonport music charity’s ‘Rhythm and Respect’ project.  The one year programme used music to bring people of all generations together to reduce social isolation across the city. The ‘Rhythm and Respect’ project brought together people from different generations, abilities and cultures to make music and perform together. It focused on building skills, confidence understanding and tolerance which appealed to members of the youth advisory panel who made the decision.  

The ‘Rhythm and Respect’ project targeted around 100 socially isolated young people as well as many more people of all ages across Plymouth.

We’re utterly delighted that Spirit’s Youth Advisory Panel singled out our Rhythm and Respect programme to support. It is invigorating to partner with a funder like Spirit that genuinely values the empowerment of young people and who we share so much in common with. Like Spirit, we’re committed to sharing our learning and to making as much of a difference to communities as possible. This project will help us do all of that and feels like a perfect match. We can’t wait to get started!

lymouth Music Zone’s Executive Director, Debbie Geraghty


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2 Years

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