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Consultation Responses

We contribute to public consultations and give evidence to select committees and All-Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs).

Evidence from Spirit of 2012 to the Public Accounts Committee, September 2022

Grassroots participation in sport and physical activity

Spirit’s evidence to the Public Accounts Committee draws on what works in supporting people to become, and stay, active. The evidence is compiled from eight years of insights generated from projects we’ve funded, including the flagship £7.5m programme Get Out, Get Active, delivered by Activity Alliance and co-funded with Sport England and London Marathon Charitable Trust.

The evidence is presented in four sections:

  • More than just numbers – why evaluating impact and outcomes matters
  • The benefits of a people-led approach
  • Giving providers the space and money to find out what works
  • Step Change: working together towards an active society

It concludes that, ten years on from the London 2012 Games there remains a significant opportunity to build the social legacy of major events to inspire people to be more active. But to really make the health and wellbeing change the nation needs, we need strong partnerships and targeted, intensive, person-centred work with the very least active, which intentionally uses sport and physical activity to achieve positive change as well as increased participation.

Response to Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee report: Levelling up, February 2022

Reimagining where we live: Cultural placemaking and the levelling up agenda – Evidence from Spirit of 2012

Spirit of 2012 welcomes the decision of the DCMS Select Committee to hold an inquiry on the DCMS role in levelling up and cultural placemaking. This inquiry is particularly timely given the recent publication of the Levelling Up white paper, alongside large-scale investments in public arts this year through Unboxed, the cultural programme of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games and the decision on the location of the 2025 UK City of Culture.

Spirit of 2012 is encouraged by the ambition of the Levelling Up white paper. If implemented, we believe its proposals will help transform communities and address the place-based inequalities – between North and South, between and within towns and cities – that have characterised the UK in recent years. We also welcome the emphasis give to the social aspects of levelling up, and the need to build human and social capital, as well as increase innovation and infrastructural investment.

Evidence from Sporting Equals, Youth Sport Trust and Spirit of 2012, April 2022

Submission to ICEC Inquiry on Racism in Cricket

Like many others, we have been appalled at the abhorrent revelations of racism in
cricket which have emerged in recent weeks. Our organisations all passionately believe in the life-changing power of sport to bring people together, tackle discrimination and improve lives. It is imperative that racism within sport is challenged and routed out. Sport must be inclusive, safe and welcoming for everyone.

The recent review carried out by UK Sport and the five sports councils demonstrated that racism and racial inequalities still exist within sport in the UK and there are longstanding issues, which have resulted in ethnically diverse communities being consistently disadvantaged. The review highlighted the detrimental impact that this has had on individuals, leading to mistrust and exclusion and makes clear areas where we must see change.

The review is a step towards recognising that problems exist however a more concerted effort is needed to engage with experts and partners in this area to help tackle these problems and provide support for a shift in thinking and resources.

Response to Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee report: Major cultural and sporting events, May 2021

The role of major cultural and sporting events in celebrating the UK’s national identity – evidence from Spirit of 2012

Spirit of 2012 welcomes the decision of the DCMS Select Committee to hold an inquiry about the role of cultural and sporting events in celebrating the UK’s national identity. This subject is important at a time of societal change caused by individualisation, immigration and globalisation, as well as debates about this country’s changing place in the world, and devolution and independence within the UK. This inquiry is also timely with a 2025 City of Culture competition in progress, and a five nation a bid for the 2030 World Cup tournament.