Founded by dancer Jen Blackwell who has Down Syndrome, the charity provides creative and fun learning opportunities for anyone who wants to improve their physical health and personal wellbeing. 

“We are so proud to have won this award!,” said DanceSyndrome Managing Director Dawn Vickers. “We hope it will introduce us to even more people who believe that inclusion is a fundamental human right, and want to support our ground-breaking work to enable more learning-disabled adults to realise their dreams and ambitions.”

Spirit of 2012 have awarded £190,000 to DanceSyndrome to fund their continued provision of inclusive dance workshops and leadership training. These sessions allow disabled and non-disabled people to come together and enjoy dance sessions that cater for people of all ages and abilities.


The E3 Business Awards, which celebrate entrepreneurs and educators across the northwest, took place at the Macron Stadium in Bolton.  

Speaking on behalf of organiser 1 Events Media, Managing Director Mubarak Chati said: “The E3 Awards have always been about more than just commercial success; they celebrate the impact that enterprise has on lives and communities across the northwest. DanceSyndrome is a fine example of that enterprising spirit and it’s right that its commitment should be recognised.

“DanceSyndrome can be very proud of its achievement. Competition this year was exceptionally fierce; so much so that we felt we had to increase the number of shortlisted candidates in several categories. To come away with a win meant proving an extraordinary commitment, and that is exactly what DanceSyndrome did.

Further Information

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