The What Works Centre for Wellbeing has received a research contract from Spirit of 2012 to carry out a review of evidence for the wellbeing value of arts and culture interventions in place-based cultural events and mega-events.

The project will bring together a series of high-quality evidence and resources concerned with understanding the impact of arts and culture interventions on people and places, such as in Coventry where What Works Centre for Wellbeing has been advising on the evaluation of their City of Culture

The work, done in partnership with the Institute of Cultural Capital and match funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the work will support policy workers and practitioners as well as those funding and delivering arts and culture interventions to maximise wellbeing impacts.

Previously, Spirit of 2012 and What Works Centre for Wellbeing have worked together on Different People Same Place, a research grant which was given to explore the relationship between individual and community wellbeing. What Works also produced a learning briefing for the Carers Music Fund Summit.

Further information

Arts and wellbeing: review of the social value of place-based arts interventions – full report and briefing

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