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Spirit of 2012’s Youth Advisory Panel awards Whitley Bay Big Local £100,000 for the Bay Create project

Spirit of 2012’s Youth Advisory Panel awards Whitley Bay Big Local £100,000 for the Bay Create project

The Spirit of 2012 Youth Advisory Panel have chosen Whitley Bay Big Local’s 'Bay Create' project to be awarded through the 2020 YAP Challenge Fund.

Bay Create is a new project that uses creativity and coastal landscapes to bring under 25s and over 60s together united in the idea that: ‘We are more similar than we are different.’

The fund was created and awarded by Spirit of 2012’s youth panel, made up of young people from across the UK. Every two years, Spirit of 2012’s Youth Advisory Panel manage a fund from design and development through to selection. This year, they wanted to fund creative projects working with younger and older people in coastal communities, taking inspiration from natural landscapes.

Bay Create stood out to the judges for its knowledge of Whitley Bay communities, exciting local partnerships and creative vision.

The YAP Challenge Fund pushes the boundaries of what is possible in creating meaningful change. I’m so proud to be part of the YAP, who have demonstrated creativity, resilience and passion in working to ensure the chosen project is innovative, inclusive and reflects the fund. I’m excited to be part of Bay Create’s journey in connecting generations and improving wellbeing of communities.

Sana Amin - Chair of the Spirit of 2012 Youth Advisory Panel
The photo shows two people dancing 2 meters apart, as part of Whitley Bay Big Local
Whitley Bay Big Local's Lockdown Carnival

In partnership with Barnardo’s Whitley Bay, Bay Create brings together local residents from different generations for cultural projects inspired by the landscape and shared heritage of Whitley Bay.

Participants and volunteers will co-design and lead Bay Create, working with artists through creative projects and activities that explore and reflect what Whitley Bay means to different generations.

Whilst the Challenge Fund was created before the pandemic, the project proposal has been adapted to meet the needs of the communities involved, with timescales and delivery models carefully considered.

Sarah Sutton, Community Involvement Coordinator at Whitley Bay Big Local said: “This funding is an exciting opportunity for our two organisations to work in partnership. We look forward to bringing together members of our diverse community through the connections that we share through living in this beautiful coastal town.”

Sue Curry, Children’s Service Manager at Barnardo’s said: “Everyone at our service The Base in Whitley Bay is pleased to be part of this imaginative intergenerational arts project. We are really looking forward to working with Big Local and we are grateful to the Spirit of 2012’s Youth Advisory Panel for awarding the grant.”

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