The Changing Lives Through Sport and Physical Activity (CLTSPA) Fund is being launched in partnership between the Scottish Government, sportscotland, the Robertson Trust and Spirit of 2012, and will support organisations to deliver positive change in communities across the country.

The CLTSPA Fund is part of a wider £1.8million programme that provides additional resource into the sporting and community sector to better address individual and community needs through sport and physical activity and also to support them to become and stay active.   

As part of the fund two-year grants ranging from £30,000 up to £70,000 will be available to partnerships meeting key criteria and delivering on the four CLTSPA themes below:

    • Sport for Inclusion
    • Sport for Health and Wellbeing
    • Sport for Skills
    • Sport for Communities

The wider CLTSPA programme has a specific aim of increasing capacity and skills within the sporting sector to meet the needs of the community and to deliver positive change for participants. 

Sport Minister Aileen Campbell said: “This programme will provide vital support and funding and is a great example of organisations working in partnership. The barriers to taking part in sport and physical activity are complex and varied, and through programmes like this we can help people overcome these issues and enjoy the clear benefits that sport and physical activity bring. We know that being active not only helps people with their own health and wellbeing, but also develops skills and brings communities together. I am keen, through this programme, to see both sporting and non-sporting organisations use sport and physical activity to get more people taking part.”

Chief Executive of Spirit of 2012, Debbie Lye, said: “Spirit of 2012’s mission as a funder is to leave a legacy of healthier and happier individuals and communities – we know that getting people active is a route to this outcome. That’s why we’re very proud to join the partnership of the Scottish Government, sportscotland and the Robertson Trust and to be entrusted with managing this Fund which will change lives across Scotland. We’re delighted to be partners in such a positive movement for change.”

Chief Executive of sportscotland, Stewart Harris, said: “The positive power of sport and physical activity can be seen every day in communities across the country thanks to the fantastic work of community sport hubs, clubs and the wider sporting system. It is clear from this work that sport and physical activity is having a significant impact on the lives of those taking part.

“But it is not just about participation, it is also about improving health and wellbeing and increasing wider opportunities, and we are determined to build on that. This fund and the wider Changing Lives Through Sport and Physical Activity programme is an important step on that journey, as we strive to build a more inclusive and healthier nation.”

Kenneth Ferguson, Director of The Robertson Trust said: “The Robertson Trust has a long history of championing and funding sports and physical activity where it delivers wider outcomes for individuals and communities. Our learning from this work is that positive change is most likely to happen when organisations understand their communities, have a focus on the change they want to deliver and have the right mix of internal skills and capacity to make it happen.

“We are delighted to be able to invest up to £500,000 into this programme and to be working in partnership with sportscotland, Scottish Government and Spirit of 2012 to develop it. We believe it offers a real opportunity to strengthen our existing system for sport in Scotland and to support more sporting organisations to make a difference within their communities.”

Today’s fund launch comes after a Sport For Change report in 2017 which demonstrated that being active brings about positive changes beyond participation and can impact positively on the health and wellbeing of individuals, on their skills and learning, and on communities, ensuring a more inclusive and healthier nation.

The CLTSPA Fund is delivered by Spirit of 2012 as part of the Changing Lives through Sport and Physical Activity programme.


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