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Nine years of Games legacy... and counting

With Tokyo 2020 underway, we await the tenth anniversary of London 2012 in a year that will see the return of mass participation events across the UK. As we approach 2022, we'll be reflecting on what we've learned about the power of events to transform communities. And we'll be looking forward: creating a blueprint for future events so that they deliver happier people and happier places.

We fund projects that leave a social legacy

We are the london 2012 legacy funder. We build sustainable social legacies from the inspiration of events. Investing to improve how people feel about themselves, other people and their communities.

What we learned from the Carers' Music Fund Summit

View the evaluation, briefings, presentations and get the lowdown on what happened at the Carers' Music Fund summit.

£200,000 award to Hull City Council to secure future of region’s ground-breaking volunteering programme

The three-year investment will see scheme expanded to a wider area and will support partnership to build a sustainable model.