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Shared Goals

A research grant to British Future to explore how football clubs can build social cohesion in their local communities

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August 2022 – May 2024

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British Future

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Shared Goals is a research project that was carried out by independent think tank British Future. It explores how football clubs can harness their fans’ feelings of pride and togetherness to promote integration across divides and build shared place-based identities. It does so by mapping out the cultural reach and resonance of football clubs across different ethnic, faith and social groups, exploring what works in uniting people of different backgrounds around their love of a particular team.

British Future partnered with two clubs, Brentford FC and Huddersfield Town FC, to co-design a messaging campaign. These campaigns tested how spectator football can be used in different local contexts to reach and connect otherwise divided, disconnected and segregated communities. Further to this, British Future also held interviews and roundtable discussions with six football clubs. These discussions explored the clubs’ Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategies, practical insights on activities, and how these relate to the work being done on social connection.

Research began in February 2022 and the campaigns launched in early 2024. The final report on the findings will be published and presented to parliament in May 2024.

shared goals

Project aims

  1. Map the cultural reach and resonance of football clubs across different ethnic, faith and social groups.
  2. Explore effective communication strategies that can unite different groups of people around love of a football club
  3. Co-design a messaging campaign testing how football can be used to connect communities

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