London 2012 established that the UK is a world-class host of events. Our goal is to help ensure that the UK becomes a world leader in the legacy from those events.

Whether taking place in stadiums, village halls, or city streets, events have the power to unite people across divides and improve wellbeing for individuals and communities.

Our evidence bank makes the case for using the power of events to improve wellbeing, inclusion and civic pride. It also shares research and case studies for how to deliver event legacy differently in order to make the most of that moment over the longer term.

In 2023, we published the final report of our Inquiry into the Power of Events – a seminal piece of work which consolidated everything we have learned from our funded projects as well as testimony from real participants and external research. From this, we formed five recommendations decision makers can adopt to use events to create happier, thriving and more connected communities. We have built on this work with the Moments To Connect fund, collaboration with Counsel and Loughborough University on a potential ‘capital of sport’ competition and with FRY Creative on an events data observatory.