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The Hull Volunteering Programme

Project evaluations

An evaluation report which looks at the one of the great legacies of Hull’s 2017 City of Culture year.

Throughout 2017, we supported Hull 2017 UK City of Culture as one of its principal partners, after which there was commitment amongst volunteers, partners and in the city to see the Volunteer Programme continue
beyond 2017 and to achieve a successful volunteering legacy. In 2019, we awarded Absolutely Cultured – who delivered the Hull City of Culture programme a further £600,000 to prolong the volunteering aspect for a further 3 years.

This report evaluates the Volunteer Programme journey towards a sustainable, post-City of Culture future and the
learnings during this phase from 2019-2021, when a further grant was awarded to Visit Hull and East Yorkshire (VHEY) to continue it.




  • 96% enjoyed their experience as a Hull volunteer
  • 86% learnt new skills
  • 70% felt more connected to the city
  • 79% increased their engagement level with the community of Hull
  • 61% felt they can now take action to improve their local community
  • 57% increased life satisfaction & self confidence

I was the type of person who couldn’t go anywhere on my own, and I knew that if I did this, I would have to make that step and go out there on my own and meet people and talk to people I never would, and it’s worked. I got more confidence.


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