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Moment to Movement

Moment to Movement

Spirit are supporting the Jo Cox Foundation to expand the reach of the Great Get TogetherMoment to Movement transforms the Great Get Together from a series of annual events to a year-round movement to inspire social connection and community action.

The Jo Cox Foundaiton was established in 2016 by the friends and family of the late Jo Cox MP, and exists to build a positive legacy for Jo and to create something positive from the tragedy that was her murder. Since 2017, Great Get Togethers have been held across the country, with millions of people taking part in thousands of events, bringing communities together and celebrating that which we have in common.  

The More in Common community – a group of dedicated local organisers who share Jo Cox’s values and mission – are at the heart of Moment to Movement. The programme aims to further empower this nationwide community, and to find out more about why they do what they do.

Following on from research commissioned by Spirit, Moment to Movement is designed to use the impact of the Great Get Together to inspire more people to get involved and become community organisers, through peer-to-peer training activities and enhanced online resources.

Moment to Movement aims to further break down barriers that exist within communities, encouraging people to get together and recognsie that we have more in common than that which divides us. The Great Get Together has already improved people’s wellbeing, by reducing loneliness and helping people to feel hopeful about the future. Moment to Movement builds on this, and focuses on creating a society of stronger, happier communities where everyone has a sense of belonging. 

To be working together over the next three years to embed Jo Cox's values in communities large and small across the UK is a great privilege. We are incredibly excited to work together - and, thanks to their transformative support, to create happier and more cohesive communities, where everyone has a sense of belonging and recognises that we have in Jo's own words more in common than the things that divide us.

Catherine Anderson - CEO of the Jo Cox Foundation


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