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Evidence from Spirit of 2012 to the Public Accounts Committee, September 2022

Grassroots participation in sport and physical activity

Insight – Project Evaluation

Spirit’s evidence to the Public Accounts Committee draws on what works in supporting people to become, and stay, active. The evidence is compiled from eight years of insights generated from projects we’ve funded, including the flagship £7.5m programme Get Out, Get Active, delivered by Activity Alliance and co-funded with Sport England and London Marathon Charitable Trust.

The evidence is presented in four sections:

  • More than just numbers – why evaluating impact and outcomes matters
  • The benefits of a people-led approach
  • Giving providers the space and money to find out what works
  • Step Change: working together towards an active society

It concludes that, ten years on from the London 2012 Games there remains a significant opportunity to build the social legacy of major events to inspire people to be more active. But to really make the health and wellbeing change the nation needs, we need strong partnerships and targeted, intensive, person-centred work with the very least active, which intentionally uses sport and physical activity to achieve positive change as well as increased participation.

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