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Music Challenge Fund: Canfod Y Gân (Discover The Song)

Project evaluations

An evaluation report of Canfod Y Gân, a project bringing together disabled and non-disabled people in music-making sessions.

Canolfan Gerdd William Mathias (CGWM) developed and ran Canfod y Gân (Discover the Song) between April 2019 and Summer 2022. The project worked with 51 disabled and non-disabled people on a regular basis, delivering music-making sessions to support wellbeing and increase social connection.

GGWM worked with an independent evaluator, Cwmni CELyn to reflect on their work.

The report explores:

  • the factors that made the project successful for participants, including the regular opportunities for performance, the mix of individual and group support and the professional development for musicians;
  • impact of the partnership with the adult social care team, including benefits of taking part for care workers, who were able to;
  • the challenges CGWM had in surveying people with learning disabilities using standardised measures, and gives examples of the adaptations the team made to understand the difference they were making;
  • how GGWM successfully pivoted to delivering online music sessions during the height of COVID-19.

CWGM also worked with the Behavioural Insights Team to produce a logic model for the project. You can read that here, and we would be delighted for other projects to adapt this for their own work.