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Evidence from Sporting Equals, Youth Sport Trust and Spirit of 2012, April 2022

Submission to ICEC Inquiry on Racism in Cricket

Insight – Project Evaluation

Like many others, we have been appalled at the abhorrent revelations of racism in
cricket which have emerged in recent weeks. Our organisations all passionately believe in the life-changing power of sport to bring people together, tackle discrimination and improve lives. It is imperative that racism within sport is challenged and routed out. Sport must be inclusive, safe and welcoming for everyone.

The recent review carried out by UK Sport and the five sports councils demonstrated that racism and racial inequalities still exist within sport in the UK and there are longstanding issues, which have resulted in ethnically diverse communities being consistently disadvantaged. The review highlighted the detrimental impact that this has had on individuals, leading to mistrust and exclusion and makes clear areas where we must see change.

The review is a step towards recognising that problems exist however a more concerted effort is needed to engage with experts and partners in this area to help tackle these problems and provide support for a shift in thinking and resources.

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