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Moments to Connect

Reimagining Volunteering

A research project seeking to learn how informal volunteers can create social connection

Project information


Total Spirit grant

March 2023 – July 2023

Project duration

Neighbourly Lab

Grantee organisation

Inspired by early work with Volunteering Cities grantees, this project seeks to ‘reimagine volunteering’ by exploring how ‘small v’ volunteering (people in the community who serve/help others but do not see themselves as volunteers but as people happy to help out) can help with social connection during national events.

Neighbourly Lab will recruit community members including people who may think about doing ‘small v’ volunteering and conduct quant and ethnographic research with them, before co-designing a toolkit for use by organisers of events of different scales. The project, part of the Moments to Connect fund will focus on the coronation, harnessing the values around service to create common ground for people to get involved and help out with events.

Reimagining Volunteering

Project aims

  1. Explore how casual volunteers can help with social connection during national events.
  2. Create a toolkit for events organisers to use to engage ‘small v’ volunteers.

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