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Moments to Connect

Year of the King

This project is now closed

A community carnival and gala in Crook, County Durham, bringing local people together to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III.

Project information


Total Spirit grant

March 2023 – Feb 2024

Project duration

Jack Drum Arts

Grantee organisation

Year of the King was an intergenerational community carnival and creative workshop programme that celebrated the coronation of King Charles III, providing opportunities for local people of all ages to connect.

Year of the King used the Coronation of King Charles III as a catalyst to bring people together across generations, taking inspiration from King Charles’ passion for the environment.

The project launched with a series of workshops offering a wide range of participatory and voluntary opportunities to schools, day care centres, and community groups, with participants creating work to be showcased at the Community Carnival. After the Coronation, two new intergenerational legacy groups met weekly throughout the rest of 2023, working with artists to create work for exhibition at a local venue.

We worked with different age groups and different levels of disability which made me more understanding of the difficulties they faced

Workshop participant

Project aims

  1. Increase participants’ wellbeing.
  2. Increase participants’ feelings of being integrated into society, involved and heard in their community.
  3. Increase participants’ understanding and tolerance of each other, and their sense of belonging to a group.

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