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Moments to Connect

Windrush 75: Shared past, shared future

A research project seeking ways to make the anniversary of Windrush a national, inclusive moment.

Project information


Total Spirit grant

March 2023 – July 2023

Project duration

British Future

Grantee organisation

Windrush 75: Shared past, shared future is a research project carried out by British Future.

This project will investigate how the Windrush 75 Anniversary can bring people together from different ethnic, social and political backgrounds. It aims to widen the coalition of organisations celebrating Windrush and to support practitioners in designing events. It will do this by national polling and focus groups, then producing a report, a toolkit, and presentations to offer guidance on messaging.

Windrush 75: Using our shared past to bring people together

Project aims

  1. Use the celebration of Windrush’s anniversary to bring people together across divides.
  2. Produce resources to support future practititioners in organising events.

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