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Sirens For Success

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Project spend

1 year

Project duration

Netball Scotland’s programme Sirens for Success was delivered in schools over six weeks  by ambassadors who were Sirens players or national players at the time.

The weekly classes included an interactive educational module and a practical session, and are designed to motivate girls into fulfilling their potential: in sport and fitness, and in other areas of their lives.

At the end of the six weeks, the girls represented their schools as part of a celebration festival, supported by Spirit’s funding.

Our grant also enabled the purchase of an Up-Shot monitoring and evaluation platform, so that the successes and challenges of the programme can be assessed, and that data be used to refine and improve it for future participants.

Spirit funded Netball Scotland as part of its Sporting Equality Fund in 2017-18, allowing it to deliver the Sirens for Success programme to 400 participants in 20 schools across nine challenge authorities.

In 2019 we awarded this new grant to allow the Sirens for Success programme to run for another 12 months.

Project aims

  1. Use netball to motivate girls to get active; learn soft skills

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