Another Volunteers Week is in the books and on its 40th anniversary, it is a timely reminder of all the good that inclusive volunteering can do for communities. Not only that, but it shows that volunteering continues to be one of the major lynchpins of events legacy. Over the past decade, Spirit of 2012 has used its funding to help establish volunteering legacy and infrastructure around the UK in order to learn what works to get people involved in volunteering and boost their wellbeing while doing so.  We distilled these 7 handy tips we like to call Spirit Suggests…

Check them all out below – and don’t forget to click through to the associated content to find out more!

Day 1: Spark Long-Term Change with Community Events

Kick off Volunteers Week by using your community event as a launchpad for long-term social action! Create lasting impact by encouraging ongoing volunteer opportunities. #VolunteersWeek
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Day 2: Mix it Up with Volunteering Teams

Post: Bring people together by forming ‘volunteering teams.’ Promote interaction across different ages and social backgrounds to build a stronger, more inclusive community! #VolunteersWeek
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Day 3: Rethink Volunteering Invitations

Post: Consider asking people to ‘help out’ rather than ‘volunteer.’ Sometimes a simple change in language can make a world of difference in encouraging participation! #VolunteersWeek
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Day 4: Accessibility in Volunteering

Post: Be transparent about access provisions for volunteer roles from the start. Let’s ensure volunteering is inclusive for everyone without placing undue burden on disabled individuals. #VolunteersWeek
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Day 5: Boost Volunteer Wellbeing

Design your volunteering programmes to enhance volunteer wellbeing. Follow evidence-based strategies to create a fulfilling experience for everyone involved. 🌼 #VolunteersWeek
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Day 6: Fund Access Budgets for Inclusivity

Post: Secure access budgets to support disabled volunteers. Let’s make volunteering accessible and rewarding for all community members! #VolunteersWeek
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Day 7: Build Trust in Volunteer Partnerships

Post: Volunteers are incredible co-producers of events. Cultivate trust and allow time for partnerships to flourish, creating memorable and impactful events together! 🌟 #VolunteersWeek
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Enjoy celebrating Volunteers Week and making a difference in your community!